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United World College East Africa

United World College East Africa

  • Clients:

    United World College of Africa

  • Locations:

    Kenya, Africa

  • Project Value:

    £50 Million

  • Programme:


  • Architects:

    John McAslan Partnership UK

  • Cragg Duties:

    Project Manager

  • Procurement:


Project Details:

A wholly sustainable and environmentally friendly development of a 200 student college campus with residential facilities, academic study rooms, library, swimming pool, sports facilities, administration blocks and external learning / recreational spaces. Located on the Kenya rift valley 2km from the nearest road with wind turbines, water bore holes, dry toilets and energy efficient designs.

This development is not only sustainable in terms of energy usage, but by engaging the local community from design through to construction to ongoing servicing and maintenance, improves the skills of the local workforce and instils a degree of ownership and pride from the community as a whole.


  • United World College East Africa